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Protecting Beautiful Pittwater

It’s hard to put into words just how special our corner of the world is. Unfortunately, our way of life is at risk from environmental recklessness and overdevelopment. Let’s protect Pittwater’s environment – and our state’s environment – so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it like we have.

  • Protect the peninsula by ensuring there is no more land clearing in our electorate, especially making sure we listen to the community when it comes to the controversial Lizard Rock and Warriewood developments 
  • Protect our beaches by legislating to stop oil and gas mining off our coastline – including the controversial PEP-11 project – once and for all, as well as implementing smarter strategies to combat coastal erosion 
  • Ensure the Local Environment Plan maintains our conservation areas, that local developments comply with planning controls, and that there is no inappropriate development
  • Ensure community is at the heart of redesigning innovative urban green spaces
  • Increase state funding to manage invasive species, including noxious weeds on the Northern Beaches.