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Giving Pittwater a health check-up

For too long, state governments have chipped away at our local healthcare. We’ve lost Mona Vale Hospital, and the new Northern Beaches Hospital is simply not good enough. 


  • Call for a solutions-focused Parliamentary inquiry into Northern Beaches Hospital and the Mona Vale hospital site to deliver better health outcomes and transparency
  • Expand the health services and recreational facilities available at the former Mona Vale Hospital site
  • Legislate nurse to patient ratios and support increased wages for nurses and other care professions to ensure we all get better quality care
  • Urge greater funding for mental health services, including eating disorders, in the community and improved mental health support in schools
  • Regulate vaping and stop the underage sale and use
  • Support universal access to birth control and abortions
  • Strongly advocate for greater state funding for research into women and children's health issues that have been neglected, including endometriosis, lipoedema, premature ovarian failure, autoimmune diseases, menopause, ADHD and autism.