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I'm running because it's time to return to the sensible centre: that means protecting our environment, reducing power prices, supporting small businesses in a strong, clean economy, restoring trust and integrity in Parliament, and doing all this while practising a compassionate and kind politics. 

Let's protect our beautiful Pittwater this election -- and let's finally stand up for people, not parties. 


Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Protecting Beautiful Pittwater

It’s hard to put into words just how special our corner of the world is. Unfortunately, our way of life is at risk from environmental recklessness and overdevelopment. Let’s protect Pittwater’s environment – and our state’s environment – so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it like we have.

  • Protect the peninsula by ensuring there is no more land clearing in our electorate, especially making sure we listen to the community when it comes to the controversial Lizard Rock and Warriewood developments 
  • Protect our beaches by legislating to stop oil and gas mining off our coastline – including the controversial PEP-11 project – once and for all, as well as implementing smarter strategies to combat coastal erosion 
  • Ensure the Local Environment Plan maintains our conservation areas, that local developments comply with planning controls, and that there is no inappropriate development
  • Ensure community is at the heart of redesigning innovative urban green spaces
  • Increase state funding to manage invasive species, including noxious weeds on the Northern Beaches.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Preserving our way of life

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

For our children and grandchildren

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Standing up for real climate action

As an advisor to our federal MP, Dr Sophie Scamps, I worked with her to improve the landmark Climate Change Act and I’ll bring that expertise to state Parliament. This election is our chance to implement real climate action.

  • Ensure there are no new coal and gas projects in NSW, an urgent priority given the current government has approved 26 new coal and gas projects since the Paris Agreement which will emit 34 times our state’s annual emissions over the course of their lifetimes
  • Save our forests by ending native forest logging, following other states’ lead in a move that will give koalas back their habitat and save the taxpayer tens of millions of dollars each year
  • Trust the science by legislating to reduce NSW’s emissions by 75% by 2030.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Lowering power bills for a stronger, cleaner economy

Amid a cost of living crisis, we need responsible economic management that provides relief without growing NSW’s debt. If fossil fuel companies profiting off the war in Ukraine pay their fair share, we can make power bills more affordable for families and local businesses. At the same time we’ll be creating a stronger, cleaner economy powered by cheap, Aussie solar and wind energy.


  • Raise $25 billion from a progressive coal royalties scheme that captures the massive windfall profits being made by companies profiting off the war in Ukraine
  • Reinvest those funds into programs designed to address the cost of living crisis, including interest free loans for installation of solar panels, heat pumps, and home batteries so families and small businesses can access cheaper energy faster
  • Update state planning controls to deliver net zero new homes and overcome barriers for electrification 
  • Extend the recent coal and gas price caps beyond their current 12 month expiry date so consumers can continue to save from lower power prices
  • Accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and their infrastructure by delaying the introduction of a road user tax and increasing available grants to make cleaner cars cheaper.
  • Hasten introduction of free pre-kindergarten to increase female workforce participation and unlock a greater economic potential for NSW.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Addressing rising prices with responsible economic management

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Small businesses are the heart of the community

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Cutting red tape for small businesses

I’ve run a small business and I see every day how small businesses are at the heart of our peninsula lifestyle. After a tough few years, the least our small businesses deserve is a local representative dedicated to cutting red tape so businesses can easily hire workers and grow. 


  • Lobby the federal government to double NSW’s allocation of visas for skilled migrants from 15,000 to 30,000 so small businesses can find workers and stay open 
  • Call for a review into payroll tax – an inefficient tax that punishes businesses for hiring workers 
  • Encourage the state government to properly fund Chambers of Commerce so they can grow, assist local businesses, and have an open line of communication into state government
  • Change the guidelines so the state government procures $10 billion worth of goods and services from small businesses each year, cutting the red tape that stops our government buying from us
  • Encourage greater female participation in trades by funding fee-free training for women.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Restoring trust + integrity

Some politicians put their parties first by pork-barrelling. Others put their mates first by sneaking them high-paying jobs. Others still put the gambling lobby first, voting with them and against the community on pokies. My promise to you is that honesty, fairness and integrity will be at the heart of everything I do, and I will always put our community’s interests first.


  • Ensure evidence-based gambling reforms including not only the implementation of a compulsory cashless gaming card, but also accelerating the removal of pokies from the community, instating a $1 maximum bet per spin, regulating gambling advertising and stopping pubs and clubs from operating pokies between 4am and 10am 
  • Ban donations from the clubs sector and call on all parties and candidates in this election to refund all clubs sector political donations received in the past 12 months
  • End ‘jobs for mates’ by legislating to ensure appointments to taxpayer-funded public service positions are free from political interference
  • Stop the waste of taxpayer funds on pork-barrelling schemes designed to serve a party’s interests, not the community’s interests. 
  • Demand greater transparency from the government, including the timely release of reports to the public.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

People, not parties

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Our healthcare has been neglected for too long

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Giving Pittwater a health check-up

For too long, state governments have chipped away at our local healthcare. We’ve lost Mona Vale Hospital, and the new Northern Beaches Hospital is simply not good enough. 


  • Call for a solutions-focused Parliamentary inquiry into Northern Beaches Hospital and the Mona Vale hospital site to deliver better health outcomes and transparency
  • Expand the health services and recreational facilities available at the former Mona Vale Hospital site
  • Legislate nurse to patient ratios and support increased wages for nurses and other care professions to ensure we all get better quality care
  • Urge greater funding for mental health services, including eating disorders, in the community and improved mental health support in schools
  • Regulate vaping and stop the underage sale and use
  • Support universal access to birth control and abortions
  • Strongly advocate for greater state funding for research into women and children's health issues that have been neglected, including endometriosis, lipoedema, premature ovarian failure, autoimmune diseases, menopause, ADHD and autism.
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Reviving Pittwater's Schools and Roads

Our community’s schools and roads have been neglected by the state government. This election we have a chance to send the message that we will no longer be taken for granted.


  • Secure more funding for our schools so long-awaited capital works can finally start 
  • Support increased wages for teachers and make sure all schools get their allocated SRS
  • Reduce the time teachers spend on administration, in line with recommendations from the Gallop Inquiry
  • Finally fix the Wakehurst Parkway so it remains open during heavy rain, and ensure the road is future-proofed as the risk of floods grows
  • Advocate for Kimbriki Tip to be NSW’s leading FOGO collection, and a state-of-the-art plastic recycling hub
  • Reduce traffic to the city by pushing for the NSW Government to prioritise transport innovation for the beaches and tightening privatisation agreements 
  • Improve mobile phone coverage by working with the federal government to accelerate the delivery of their Black Spot Program
  • Increase Keoride bus services to reduce travel times, and hold contractors to account so services are on time
  • Fund more TAFE places to ensure we have the skills required to build and maintain our communities 
Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Build a Better Pittwater

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

We are a compassionate community

Jacqui Scruby Independent Pittwater

Voicing Pittwater’s kindness and compassion

The peninsula is a kind and compassionate community. We look after our neighbours and believe in giving to those who need it most. I want to bring more of our community’s compassion to government. 


  • Support a vibrant and open Sydney, including arts and recreation, particularly for young people on the Northern Beaches
  • Bring community together to vote ‘yes’ in the historic First Nations Voice to Parliament referendum
  • Provide universal access to birth control and abortions
  • Support increased wages for teachers, nurses and other care professions
  • Implement the recommendations of the Special Commission of Inquiry into LGBTIQ hate crimes
  • Allow for in-court testimony recordings to be used in re-trials to help domestic violence and sexual assault survivors
  • Support reforms to increase justice for animals, including ending the greyhound racing industry.