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About Jacqui Scruby

I'm an environmental lawyer (DLA Piper - Sydney and Melbourne offices, The Environment Defenders Office - Melbourne, and decarbonisation and climate risk management consultant at Energetics), been a business owner (The Wedding Nest and Real World), and most recently was an advisor to our wonderful federal MP, Dr Sophie Scamps. I've also developed and delivered an online course - 6 Weeks to Plastic Free internationally, including through Northern Beaches Council, to help individuals reduce waste, helping NSW achieve it's target of 10% household waste reduction 

My husband, two wonderful girls and I love living in this incredible corner of the world. From the beaches to the bush, it is our home and I will do everything I can to protect it. My parents live here and my grandfather was one of the first principals of Pittwater High.

Throughout my career I’ve always looked for ways to prepare our community, our economy, and our country for a carbon-free future. I’ve worked as an environmental lawyer at the Environmental Defenders’ Office, and have also advised governments and major companies on climate risk and decarbonisation.

Most recently, I worked with our local MP, Dr Sophie Scamps, to improve the new Climate Change Act and usher in the new National Integrity Commission. Sophie’s leadership has launched a bright new era of local representation which puts people before parties. Backed by the community that was tired of politics as usual, Sophie has quickly become our authentic voice in federal Parliament. 

For too long, Pittwater has been taken for granted by the Liberal Party. Let’s give our community a voice in state Parliament. As a community-led independent, I will always vote in the interests of our community, not in a party’s best interests. 

From our beaches to our forests, I will vote to protect Pittwater. We are blessed with the best renewable energy resources in the world, so we should step up as a leader on climate action and enact a 75% by 2030 emissions reduction target. I will fiercely fight any proposal — like PEP-11 — that would see oil and gas mining right off our coastline.

I will also work to save our koalas from extinction by calling for the end of native forest logging. 

I will work to restore trust and honesty in NSW politics and ensure taxpayer money is spent responsibly. The NSW ICAC shouldn’t be this busy. The Liberal/National coalition should be focused on creating clean energy jobs, not creating jobs for mates like John Barilaro. They should be focused on voting to help those with gambling probems — not the gambling industry. And with state debt repayments spiralling, they simply must stop wasting taxpayer money on rorts that serve party interests and not ours. 

As a previous small business owner, I can appreciate how hard the small business owners in our community have worked, particularly over the past few years. Prices are rising, and times are tough. It’s in times like these that we need community representatives in Parliament who know what it’s like to run a business and gets things done.

It would be a privilege to represent Pittwater and I’d bring all my experience and energy to work tirelessly for our community. 

I look forward to meeting you out and about in the community and finding out what's important to you.