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Lowering power bills for a stronger, cleaner economy

Amid a cost of living crisis, we need responsible economic management that provides relief without growing NSW’s debt. If fossil fuel companies profiting off the war in Ukraine pay their fair share, we can make power bills more affordable for families and local businesses. At the same time we’ll be creating a stronger, cleaner economy powered by cheap, Aussie solar and wind energy.


  • Raise $25 billion from a progressive coal royalties scheme that captures the massive windfall profits being made by companies profiting off the war in Ukraine
  • Reinvest those funds into programs designed to address the cost of living crisis, including interest free loans for installation of solar panels, heat pumps, and home batteries so families and small businesses can access cheaper energy faster
  • Update state planning controls to deliver net zero new homes and overcome barriers for electrification 
  • Extend the recent coal and gas price caps beyond their current 12 month expiry date so consumers can continue to save from lower power prices
  • Accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and their infrastructure by delaying the introduction of a road user tax and increasing available grants to make cleaner cars cheaper.
  • Hasten introduction of free pre-kindergarten to increase female workforce participation and unlock a greater economic potential for NSW.