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The past six months has shown the positive impact independent MPs can make to government. Our local independent federal MP contributed to the Climate Change Act and help usher in the National Anti-Corruption Commission. But the job is not done on the issues that matter to the people of Pittwater. I have been listening to the community and will continue to listen throughout the election campaign.

In the NSW State government, independents Alex Greenwich and Greg Piper have demonstrated the important and effective role independents can play in tackling issues that major parties would prefer to ignore and successfully introducing legislation including voluntary assisted dying and decriminalising abortion and representing their communities without being restrained by having to toe the party line. 

I will fight for: 

  • Smart climate action 
  • Protecting Pittwater’s special environment
  • Integrity in government
  • Strong economy and addressing cost-of-living pressures
  • Support for small businesses
  • Better health services, transport and schools
  • Progressive policies, equality and inclusion.

Smart Climate Action

Smart climate action is needed at a state level so NSW can better manage the physical risks of climate change and reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and seize the opportunities to position NSW as a leader in the renewable energy economy. Smart climate action also helps to protect our natural environment. 

  • Legislate a NSW emissions reduction target and push for an increase to at least 75% emissions reduction by 2030. 
  • Permanently end offshore drilling by legislating against it and the development of supporting infrastructure.
  • End public native forest logging like Victoria and Western Australia, to protect our biodiversity and endangered koala population, help achieve emission reduction targets and end the subsidies of this destructive industry - costing tax payers $29 million over the past 2 years. As a first step, the government should undertake a transition analysis, improve the transparency of native forest product end uses and invest in recycling and innovation. 
  • No more new coal and gas mines which negate any benefit from the Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap and develop a gas transition plan, similar to Victoria.  
  • Push for a NSW program to deliver low cost electrification and renewable opportunities to businesses and households to reduce energy costs. 
  • Accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles. 
  • Advocate for net zero buildings. 
  • Keep the government accountable for the roll out of the Electricity Infrastructure Plan to achieve renewable energy targets and the roll out of zero emission business.
Protect Pittwater 
The people of Pittwater have been taken for granted for too long. We have lost Pittwater Council to the forced amalgamation, lost our hospital to a public private partnership that a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry advised should never happen again, and lose access to a major arterial road that closes every time it rains heavily. We live in a uniquely beautiful place and we need to make sure it's kept that way. It's time to get action on local issues that matter to us.
  • Keep Wakehurst Parkway open every day, even in heavy rain by keeping both Northern Beaches Council and Transport for NSW accountable for works. Particularly lobby for Transport for NSW to include flood mitigation, long term climate adaptation and biodiversity considerations into its scope of work. 
  • Fight for better access to health services for Pittwater residents through Northern Beaches Hospital, regardless of health cover and implement the recommendations of the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Northern Beaches Hospital, greater transparency on the commercial arrangements with Healthscope and investigate claims by HCF that the hospital puts profits before people. 
  • Expand the health services available at the former Mona Vale Hospital site for Pittwater residents.
  • Protect Pittwater from inappropriate development - fighting against the conversion of 'conservation zones' to 'residential zones', increased weighting of environmental criteria and fighting the commercialisation of Barrenjoey Headland.
  • More money for our schools across the electorate to finally get projects started that have been pending for years. 
  • Improve mobile service coverage by working with the Federal government to accelerate the delivery of their Black Spot Program. 
  • Increase Keoride services to reduce travel time and fight for lower public transport costs to improve cost-of-living pressures and improve bus services by holding private contractors to contractual terms so services are on time. 

Protecting NSW's biodiversity, environment and promoting a circular economy

  • Legislate for organic waste recovery across the state of NSW to reduce waste and emissions and make it easy for the people of NSW to compost. 
  • Keep the government accountable for its Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy, increase onshore plastics recycling and uses for recycled plastic (starting with government procurement) and increase requirements of manufacturers to develop circular economy solutions for their products. 

Restore Trust and Integrity in government 

People want representatives that represent them, not the party. Only an independent can truly provide that level of representation. 

  • Legislate to end the 'jobs for mates' culture so the Barilaro Affair can't happen again.
  • Require ministers to disclose reports so policy implementation and decision making is transparent. 
  • End pork barrelling aligned with the finding of ICAC to ensure tax payer money is provided for projects based on merit.
  • Introduce citizen democracy into NSW policy development, following the successful model used in South Australia. 

Strengthening the economy, wiping debt and addressing cost-of-living pressures 

  • Advocate for a Rewiring Australia home and business electrification pilot project for the Northern Beaches to save households and businesses an average of $4,500 per year through energy independence.
  • Review, update and introduce legislation to make home electrification easier, particularly for rental and strata properties and mandating public housing stock to be electrified. 
  • Follow Queensland and introduce a super profits royalty on coal to wipe NSW's $20b debt.
  • Advocate for more support for innovation, particularly women in STEM.
  • Work closely with Chamber of Commerces to increase their presence in the community as an efficient way to capacity build business owners and work efficiently with members of parliament, and advocate for state government support. 
  • Increase the manufacturing capabilities of NSW and value add to our critical minerals. 
  • Lobby the ACCC to investigate petrol prices on the Northern Beaches which are consistently high compared to other areas.

Better health services, transport and schools

  • Strongly advocate for state funding for research and education into women and children's health issues that have been left behind including endometriosis, lipoedema, premature ovarian failure, autoimmune disease, menopause and adhd and autism. 
  • Strongly advocate for better risk management of antibiotic resistance, using best practice models from overseas. 
  • Legislating nurse to patient ratios for better patient outcomes. 
  • Increased mental health services for 'missing middle' (serious but not critical e.g. beyond the scope of Headspace but not requiring acute medical care) and greater mental health support in schools. 

Progressive policies, equality and inclusion

Compassion, fairness, equality and inclusion underpins the values of the Pittwater community and the approach I will take to policy and reform in the NSW Parliament. 

  • Raise the age for criminal responsibility from 10 to 14.
  • Support universal access to birth control and abortions. 
  • Support a vibrant and open Sydney, including arts and recreation, particularly for young people on the Northern Beaches. 
  • Prevent gambling harm and crime by supporting the cashless card and calling for greater pokie reform.
  • Support increased wages for teachers, nurses and other care professions. 
  • Change NSW legislation to allow for in-court testimony recordings to be used in re-trials. 
  • Support reforms to increase justice for animals.
  • Support inclusion for the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Support for an indigenous Voice to Parliament (Federal).