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Teal independent Jacqui Scruby taking on the Liberals in Sydney's Northern Beaches at March election

ABC News 12 Dec 2022

One of the team members behind federal "teal" independent MP Sophie Scamps is now running in the same area on the Northern Beaches for the state election.

Jacqui Scruby has announced she will be the independent candidate for the seat of Pittwater, and has the backing of the Climate 200 group.

Ms Scruby is an environmental lawyer and business climate change advisor.

"People want people over politics and they want representation that represents their communities," she said.

Ms Scruby says the same issues that captured voters in the area in May will apply at the state election in March, referencing the federal teal platform of "climate, integrity and gender equality".

"Many of the issues that were federal issues are ultimately and vitally state issues."

"I think the community is awake and engaged enough to realise that this New South Wales election really is one that counts."

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