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Reviving Pittwater's Schools and Roads

Our community’s schools and roads have been neglected by the state government. This election we have a chance to send the message that we will no longer be taken for granted.


  • Secure more funding for our schools so long-awaited capital works can finally start 
  • Support increased wages for teachers and make sure all schools get their allocated SRS
  • Reduce the time teachers spend on administration, in line with recommendations from the Gallop Inquiry
  • Finally fix the Wakehurst Parkway so it remains open during heavy rain, and ensure the road is future-proofed as the risk of floods grows
  • Advocate for Kimbriki Tip to be NSW’s leading FOGO collection, and a state-of-the-art plastic recycling hub
  • Reduce traffic to the city by pushing for the NSW Government to prioritise transport innovation for the beaches and tightening privatisation agreements 
  • Improve mobile phone coverage by working with the federal government to accelerate the delivery of their Black Spot Program
  • Increase Keoride bus services to reduce travel times, and hold contractors to account so services are on time
  • Fund more TAFE places to ensure we have the skills required to build and maintain our communities