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Restoring trust + integrity

Some politicians put their parties first by pork-barrelling. Others put their mates first by sneaking them high-paying jobs. Others still put the gambling lobby first, voting with them and against the community on pokies. My promise to you is that honesty, fairness and integrity will be at the heart of everything I do, and I will always put our community’s interests first.


  • Ensure evidence-based gambling reforms including not only the implementation of a compulsory cashless gaming card, but also accelerating the removal of pokies from the community, instating a $1 maximum bet per spin, regulating gambling advertising and stopping pubs and clubs from operating pokies between 4am and 10am 
  • Ban donations from the clubs sector and call on all parties and candidates in this election to refund all clubs sector political donations received in the past 12 months
  • End ‘jobs for mates’ by legislating to ensure appointments to taxpayer-funded public service positions are free from political interference
  • Stop the waste of taxpayer funds on pork-barrelling schemes designed to serve a party’s interests, not the community’s interests. 
  • Demand greater transparency from the government, including the timely release of reports to the public.