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Independent hones in on environment

Peninsula Living February 2023, pg14

Pittwater independent candidate Jacqui Scruby has identified climate action and environmental protection as key issues for the electorate ahead of the upcoming NSW State Election.   Ms Scruby says locals want a clear vision for a sustainable and livable Pittwater, Sydney and state of NSW, grounded in practicality and sound economic reasoning.

As a former environmental lawyer, management consultant and policy advisor to Dr Scamps, Scruby says: "We all love living in Pittwater and want to conserve out natural environment.  But what we want here, we also want for our state.  "NSW must seize the economic benefits of becoming a renewable superpower.  Transitioning to carbon smart technology and encouraging low-cost electrification for businesses, homes and transport will cur emissions and reduce power bills."

Scruby says the state needs to plan coherently at all levels of government for the impacts of climate change.   "It will cost more if we don't take action now."


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