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Battle for Pittwater heats up

Pittwater Life January 2023 pg.8

The battle for the state seat of Pittwater has commenced in earnest with environmental lawyer and corporate climate change advisor Jacqui Scruby announcing she will run under the 'Independent for Pittwater' banner in the NSW election in March.   Ms Scruby is hoping to end the NSW Liberal Party's 15 year grip on the electorate.   Incumbent MP Rob Stokes, who is not recontesting the seat has held Pittwater since 2007.



"As an independent, I will always vote in the interests of our community, not in a political party's best interests".

Further, Scruby said that Asset Energy, the company behind the PEP-11 lease - which if resurrected had the potential to see gas drilling kilometres off our beaches - had announced its project plans were "far from dead in the water".  "PEP-11 and future projects remain a risk to our beaches.   Our community is clear: we must save our beaches.  No oil and gas on our coastline.  We need this to be more than dead in the water - It needs to be tied to a rock and sunk to the bottom of the ocean forever"

Most recently Ms Scruby has been an advisor to Mackellar MP Dr Sophie Scamps.  She says the experience has demonstrated the true power of independents.   "Having worked with Dr Scamps to improve the Climate Change Act and usher in the new National Anti-Corruption Commission, I've seen first-hand how independents bring their community voice to Parliament.   But the job is far from done".

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